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What’s all the buzz?

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Shout out to Hippie & French for the new packaging. Guess I’m a hot mess. Lol

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Even though the mercury has dipped slightly below freezing, it sure seems like we are skipping “real” winter. Climate change? Maybe. I just know my mom has a few chives sprouting up in her little garden.

When we can skate through the better part of winter with little to no snow, why bother going south? Besides, I love our climate here in western pa. At least I can say that in this moment because as I am sure you are well aware, we have had so little snow that getting around has been good. Seems like all of the bad weather goes around us.

Wow, what a week it’s been so far. I am admittedly obsessed with the impeachment trials. I am super sad about Kobe and his daughter. The skies are gray. I got a horrible migraine from getting a shingle shot. I’m figuring out how to navigate medicare and I’m staring down the barrel at sixty five.

I was just telling my mom how I see actors on tv and think, “holy cow, they look old”. Then harsh reality sets in. I am finally at the age where I don’t feel old but I look old. I don’t dye my hair and never will and I have pretty fat cheeks. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I embrace every gray hair, every extra pound, every time my feet hit the floor with a new day. If there is an ache or a pain, that’s what my CBD oil and advil are for. Thank goodness for those or I would most likely be laid out.

o.k. Enough of this spreading cheer.

Here is something to look forward to.

Guess what? Our open house at Diamond Antiques and Gifts date has been set!
Keep your calendar open for Tuesday, March 3rd. Details to follow.

In the meantime, The Stillroom is slowly morphing into a candy store. We still have our usual super selection of tea and tea accessories including honey, strainers, paper filters, crystal rock sugar sticks, brandy butter from Ireland, toffee from Walkers in England and locally baked biscotti.

Our candy selection has grown in the new year too! We now carry chocolate Sunny Seeds in milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Imported from France we now have those awesome floral Flavigny in Rose and Violet flavors with the anise seed in the center. Also new are the green tea Sen Cha mints. I love, love, love these assorted tins of Coconut Chocolate, plain green tea, chai green tea and mint green tea. The standard old timey clove drops are always in stock along with candied ginger slices, old timey horehound throat drops and Choward’s Violet disc candy.

A new shipment of florals has arrived at the workshop! I will be busy creating some welcome visual spring time blooms because one must have eye candy too!
Equally as sweet.

Always on the shelves you will find organic, dried culinary lavender and loose lavender for sachets. I use reproduction cotton fabric from the 1930’s and 1940’s for my handmade lavender sachets. Very pretty and super fragrant.
I also hand cut and sew our organic catnip pillows.

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for Tuesday, March 3rd for the Spring Open House!
It’s just around the corner and what a welcome time it is for all of us, I am sure.

Diamond Antiques & Gifts
311 E Sixth Avenue
Tarentum PA


See something you love on Facebook? Call the shop directly for prices. The clerks are there to help with any questions you might have. Believe me, furniture and accessories fly out of the door so give us a buzz.

The Stillroom Gift & Tea Shop is located right inside the door of this fabulous building!

Tuesday – Sunday 10-5
Closed Monday’s to dust and restock

Hope to see you around!

Peace and Love

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Check out this video on YouTube:

Intermission almost over

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Check out this video on YouTube:


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On the outside looking in. Stockpiling the new series of greeting cards. Locally crafted, naturally. Now on to those catnip pillows. Keeping kitties feeling high and mighty! Actually, catnip helps aid in kitty digestion and hoomans can make a tisane from it and they say it has a relaxing effect on us! Catnip is a member of the mint family. Now you know😊

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RIP Kobe and Gianna

What a sad time.

Check out this video on YouTube:


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