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Birdie’s got a brand new hat 🎁 We are getting festive around here!

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As the years go by I have changed my holiday decorating quite a bit. Since there aren’t any little ones running around any more and life is still as busy as ever, my new thing has become ‘less is more’.

I found this pretty Angel last year at Diamond Antiques & Gifts in Tarentum and I really enjoyed her presence on living room mantle. I’m not a collector of angels or dolls but this piece spoke to me. Not literally (like the little bird in the last post). I walked by her more than a few times before I decided to bring her home.

You know how you see something and you don’t get it right away for whatever reason? Then go home and it keeps popping into your head? Then you rush back to the store days later knowing it’s going to be a toss up as to whether said object will be there or not? That was this purchase.

I don’t know what this piece is made of. It’s not chalk or plaster or plastic either. There is a light sprinkle of glitter on her that doesn’t rub off and I just love how she is looking up to spy a little bird on a twig.

The lighting of the miniature birch trees is perfect for ambient lighting and it will stay on all season. Simple and so pretty. The birch trees were a great find a few years ago at an after season sale. They were regularly priced at 60.00 and I found them for 15.00. Such a perfect and easy decoration with subtle impact in this space.

Plus the cat named Bird can’t reach it😾

Enjoy your weekend!

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That way ➡️

I overheard this little bird giving directions to a shopper the other day. The woman was asking where Diamond Antiques & Gifts is located. The bird was looking in the direction of 311 East Sixth Avenue in Tarentum (from the Mills) Something about “as the crow flies.” Ha! Birds of a feather.

As the name implies, Diamond Antiques & Gifts is loaded with antiques and gifts. Bringing the best of both worlds to our friends and neighbors, Diamond Antiques is such a nice holiday experience.

Local and loved by shoppers and vendors alike, one can see the care and effort put forth in bringing some nostalgia back into the season along with pleasant and helpful clerks.

Come when you can and browse two floors of ever-changing inventory.

Did I mention the name of the store? Diamond Antiques & Gifts?

311 East Sixth Avenue


Tuesday-Sunday 10-5

Closed Monday’s to dust and restock!


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Happy Thanksgiving!

Regular store hours will resume on Friday.

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You say potato, I say rotten

It’s a good thing I checked my potato situation this morning. I’m in charge of the potatoes for 18 or so people and the one bag was rotting.

I grew a small batch of potatoes this past season (these were not those) and they were so easy I have decided to retire the tea shop and become a potato farmer.

I digress.

Need any little extras for a host/hostess gift or for your own bad self? The Stillroom has you covered for this, that and the other! I’m at the shop today from 10-5 to talk tea or what evs.

There are some fun little items there for kids too. Or adults that still have some child-like whimsy left in their hearts.

I just love this time of the year. The leaves are crunchy and we are reminded to count our blessings. This year, they are many!

I could go on and on but I can’t. I have to get ready to see the doors open at 10.

The Stillroom tea shop at Diamond Antiques & Gifts

311 East Sixth Avenue


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I love mirth.

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Before Rubik’s cube, we had these when we were wee ones. Back then, I think the numbers were made of ivory and the plastic was some kind of vintage material I can’t remember the name of. Anyhow, these will be in the shop this week for a great stocking stuffer. Helps in counting and dexterity along with the vintage jacks. More mini games are coming too.

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Work partner

That’s what’s up.

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Cat in a box

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Busy kitty

This is one smart cat! She started her shopping at Diamond Antiques and Gifts. Penelope found the holiday themed catnip pillows and Harney & Sons holiday teas and other fun stuffs throughout the store!

Oh joy and rapture!

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