The Stillroom is moving a few feet over and making way for a new vendor in the window!

I’m shrinking the shop after about twenty years. You can still find fabulous teas and accessories inside of Diamond Antiques and Gifts.

Oh, and the organic catnip toys and lavender for tea are still going to be available.

In the meantime, there might still be a few display items left for sale.

The new tea cupboard will be filled up by January’s end!

Walk through the front door of Diamond Antiques and Gifts and go forward. You can’t miss the tea selections!

The bread mixes by Rabbit Creek will be donated to #Knead Cafe as soon as I can box them up!

The Stillroom Gift & Tea shop is changing!

The shop will still be the place to stop for all of your tea and tea accessories. During the month of January, I will be downsizing the dry goods that have been available for the past 20 years at The Stillroom inside of Diamond Antiques and Gifts in Tarentum and will no longer be in the window.

That new space deservedly will become a great spot for a new look as Sandy takes over with her choice antiques and collectibles in the coming weeks as I seek out a new situation by the staircase near the check out area of Diamond Antiques!

This is very exciting as we skat and bebop and move about and plan for another successful new year!

Happy New Year and drink your tea!

Scream real loud!

Check out this video on YouTube:

Awesome fiesta ware mug brought to me by Diamond Antiques. It’s the only mug I’ll sip from during festivus😉


Thanking every single person that graced our space this past year.

Can’t do it without you.

I wish you a Merry Christmas Day!

Stay safe and enjoy hygge time during these quiet months ahead.

Time to breath and stay focused in the moments we are in.

To all a good night!

Merry Christmas! ❤️

Bah humbug!!!!!

This has been in my shop for a couple of years and placed off to the side out of anyone’s walking path. How on earth anyone could knock this over and literally knock almost every letter out of it? And my business card holder was stolen. Feeling very bah- hum-buggy today. Ugh!

It’s a sale on sale!

It’s a good time to really shop Diamond Antiques & Gifts!

The painted glass bowl is my “if I was on an island” decoration on my mantle.

It is a found piece that was made in Italy and the hand painted stripes lend themselves to the traditional holiday colors red and green.

The mini old school lights were from Ross and are battery operated. Those are the perfect fill for this simple yet beautiful bowl!

The second picture is of our little tree we planted last Earth Day. I was so happy to have a tree to put lights on.

Shop Diamond Antiques & Gifts until the end of December to take advantage of the sale on sale!

That is another way of saying our prices are great without a sale so come down!


I think this could very well be the last of the holiday themed catnip toys. Can you believe there is a shortage of organic catnip? I’m using what I have left in the apothecary jar and then fingers crossed.

In the past, I have had people ask me if I grow my own product and the answer is no. It sounds very romantic to have a vast supply of my favorite flowers and herbs and barks and oils. I keep my spending dollars by purchasing from Pennsylvania wholesalers. What I can’t find locally expands to the rest of the country.

I love this fabric. Somehow kitty’s and Christmas lights mixed with organic catnip just felt right. Lol

I know there is one cat toy left in the shop atm so I’m going to get busy. Maybe I can be restocked by this afternoon when Diamond Antiques & Gifts opens for a brand new week.

The holiday teas from Stash are down to a few boxes of Christmas Morning and the ever-stellar Harney & Sons teas keep on coming! All of the winterish flavors are in stock both loose and in the silk sachet.

Tea weather for a day today! ❄️

Grab those ice cubes for Saturday 🧊🫖🍋