Birdie being busy.

A huge thank you to everyone who came out to Diamond Antiques & Gifts holiday open house event! Reports are that this one was the most crowded on record.
I have to admit that I don’t go to the evening event but, along with everyone else leading up to the open house, it is exciting and we all buzz about as we prepare our house just for our dedicated shoppers.

The math wizards station themselves behind the counter and a few vendors roam about to be sure everything moves smoothly along in those very busy four hours.
There is physical preparation and mental too! Is there enough wine, cheese, tickets, goodies, water, air?

Yes. Everything is in place and the doors open and the 2019 holiday season begins!

The prep work for this event is always fun but make no mistake it is also quite a bit of work. The vendors haul, try to find a good parking space so they don’t have to walk blocks with heavy furniture and holiday wares and of course we pray for good weather! It is the one time of year that we all work together towards one goal. That goal is to give you the best of our treasures that we gather together all year long.

So, our hat’s are off to everyone that helped to make our evening a success. What a great way to celebrate Tarentum and its neighbors. It’s our own light up night!

On that note, I know my posts have been a bit sparse lately. I got a cat. Our family like most, is starting preparations for the upcoming holiday season. I’m dusting off our downstairs as we anticipate the usual thirty or so people on Christmas Eve so there is that. My parents are hanging in there at 90 and 91 and they have more energy than us “kids.” Life is busy.

The Stillroom is stocked with all of the Stash Holiday teas for the season and the usual tea stuffs. Thanksgiving tea assortments and Christmas Tea assortments are bundled and ready. Nutmeg graters with nutmeg, lavender, my personal mix of mulling spices, catnip pillows, jax, books, puzzles, dried florals, horehound, ginger, hats, gloves, oh my. Always dotted with antiques and vintage, it’s a nice list of this and that.

The new thing that the shop has this season is my crystal tree. I found a sweet twiggy birch tree with fairy lights and it was perfect to hang the Swarovski crystals. The Pollyanna in me loves me some rainbows and what better way to have a rainbow everyday? You hang a star, a moon or a sun crystal. Very celestial.
Maybe a rainbow on a short winter day is just what we need now and then. They are petite crystals and come with a little gift box and they are under ten dolliollars! (dolliollars is an homage Bob Newhart) Crystals also provide entertainment for the new kitty.

She makes a noise that we deduced sounds like Curly from the Three Stooges and it is constant. Very funny. It’s nice to have a pet around the house again.

The Stillroom Gift & Tea shop is located at 311 East Sixth Avenue in Tarentum.
rando pics on intstagram @lequitalee

We are right inside the door of Diamond Antiques and you will find the tea shop in the window. (Look for the black and white striped awnings). Right next to Massart’s historic diner. Across the street from Tarentum Station restaurant.

Tuesday-Sunday 10-5
Closed to dust on Mondays

Uhhh…yeah. New kitty is spoiled. I hate Trader Joe’s. Lol

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