Evening on the patio with the herbs and the birds.


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Oh it’s clear.

Did you know that when you support The Stillroom you are also supporting mom and pop wholesale sources that are from Pennsylvania to California? Yes! It’s true. Things like Sunny Seeds, The Flower Pot Tea Co and Channel Craft to name a few. These are all cool finds that you can find at The Stillroom.

The shop also sells some kind of fancy-schmansy stuffs from France like the little tin of naturally floral flavors of Flavigny candies! Are they a bit pricey at $4.95 a tin? Yes. Yes they are. But they are a special kind of treat. The natural flavors of rose and violet are just so unique and the little hard candies are to be savored until you reach the little fennel seed in the center that is a natural breath freshener. I also have some pretty sweet iced tea spoons from Italy that just came in and the price is even sweeter! They are really nice.

Again, you can drive to the Strip, pay to park, stomp through the throngs of masked and unmasked people to buy these or you can just come to The Stillroom inside of Diamond Antiques and Gifts at 311 East 6th Avenue in Tarentum. You are not to enter the shop without a mask and from what I have heard, our loyal following could not be doing it better! How comforting to know that we are looking out for each other. Women need to rule the world!

The Stillroom carries French Blue Lavender bundles, culinary lavender, locally made organic catnip toys and the cutest greeting cards made by me! And they are not expensive at $2.50! No need to pay five smackers for that name brand. Haha

I don’t know what order these pics will come up in but how about that little kitty looking at it’s reflection in the mirror? Omg…too cute. Just a lot of charming stuff happening here.

Anyhow, that is my shameless plug to encourage you to shop local when you feel comfortable to go out. We don’t have crowds, we are following the CDC guidlines to keep us all as safe as humanly possible. We olds are in that risky age group. It is still a very volatile situation in our country. I fear as restrictions are loosened, we will let our guard down and we can not. We may be going to green soon but this thing is pretty much here to stay and life as we knew it is so yesterday.

I hope everyone is keeping themselves safe and healthy and sane in these troubled times. I am still not comfortable going out. I mean, like I go but the trips are quick and random. I keep my distance and wear my mask and shades and keep my hands clean. I avoid people like the plague. ewwww, that was bad.

Oh, we have kites for kids and adults that are on sale. These were also locally sourced and I guess I got too many. That’s something you can do while socially distancing for the most part. Come and get you some jacks made in the USA (also a local supplier) and teach your kids and grand kids this awesome game of skill and dexterity! The shop will soon be ordering more kid friendly toys as I slowly try and jumpstart some locally sourced giftware.


Walt Whitman

These are the days that must happen to you.


Risky Business

Dianna, the owner of Diamond Antiques has reopened under the safety guidelines recommended by the CDC.

It has been a very long two months. Who would have ever, in a million years, thought we would find ourselves in a world wide pandemic.

My concern in this moment is that now that we know what to do to keep ourselves and others safe and stores begin to do a soft open, is that we will unknowingly relax the safety measures we are just beginning to learn to do as we gain shopping freedom.

It is a double edged sword. I have had moments when I would go to pick up meds for my parents and realize I forgot my mask. I absolutely turned around and went home to grab mine. I would never go unmasked in public knowing what I know now. And more importantly, what I do not know.

On one hand, people are worried about haircuts and how unfair it is that they can’t get one. Then you have the stylists that are hesitant to come back into the work force, concerned for their own safety. If a shaggy head of hair or not getting that ink you wanted, or to be able to have a beer with your buds is your biggest issue, you aren’t getting the big picture.

There is no easy way around any of this. I help take care of my aging parents so it is important to me to keep my circle very small as far as engaging with the public. I am also old enough to be in that category of being at risk just because I’m, well, older myself.

The numbers of the virus is dropping in our state. If that is due to being in quarantine for two months, we will soon find out. I am going to just watch the cases either continue on the downward slide or heaven forbid, the opposite.

So, on that note, welcome back to something that feels right and familiar to us.

Not asking, but politely telling you to follow the CDC guidelines. There are a handful of the staff that will be back in the store behind the counter to keep the store operating once again.