This is where I can be found a couple mornings out of the month. Limit myself to one fine croissant 🥐

I’m packaging up vintage Workbasket pamphlets from the 50’s. Have a look at these bs ads. Take a pill to get “fat” then go buy a frickin’ girdle. Omg I won’t post just what I’m thinking but use your imagination. Lol

Diamond Tour



Super Stinker Sale

Like the box says, “what was I thinking” when I thought selling kites was a good idea?

I don’t want to

Check out this video on YouTube:

I wanna stay in bed and watch tv.

Tuesday morning vid


All the stuffs😊

These organically grown lavender sachets are made from a vintage apron that was beyond repair. No land fill, just lavender. New batch on the way to shop today.

Peepers at the farm


My moment of zen yesterday.


Inside scan of The Stillroom shop

No news is good news

So I gave up watching the morning news this past week. I had it turned off from Monday through Wednesday. This means all news. Local, political, weather, all of it.

I found my days to not only be more productive, but I had a real feeling of accomplishment by the end of each day. I have a relatively busy life outside of the tv. Winter into spring brings more activity as the weather starts to warm up and breaking away from morning viewing was fairly easy. I mean I would watch all news from 5 a.m. until 8:30. That’s nuts.

Anyhow, just for sh*ts and giggles, Thursday morning I turned on news for a brief moment and the headline was about the capitol being overtaken once again. I immediately turned it off. I find my life is so much more relaxed when I don’t know all of this stuff. Is ignorance bliss?

Here was one of my deep thoughts during my morning productive time. During a mediation session, my mind started to wonder.

Sock, shoe, sock, shoe, or sock, sock, shoe, shoe. I’m a sock, shoe, sock, shoe. If there’s a reason to hurriedly evacuate a burning house, I’d rather have a sock and a shoe than two socks. If there is broken glass, it would be easier to walk with one shoe.

I do believe this was a scene from controversial tv show All in the Family. Archie asked Meathead which one he would do if faced with an emergency evacuation. Meathead said, sock, shoe. Archie was sock, sock. I agree with Meathead.

Then I centered my mind once again and thought about absolutely nothing.