One piece goes out, another comes in. A really nice side table or coffee and tea table or whatever your creative heart desires. I think it is mahogany but not a 100% sure. Either way, it is a well cared for piece of real wood furniture probably from the forties. I’m using it to display some icy glassware for winter. Come to Diamond Antiques and Gifts and watch us morph the shop into Spring. It seems to happen at a snails pace and then suddenly boom! Or should I say bloom!

Diamond Antiques
311 E Sixth Avenue
Tarentum Pa 15084

The Stillroom Gift & Tea shop located right inside the front door❤️

Tuesday-Sunday 10-5

Closed Mondays to dust and restock.

Keepin’ it clean in Tarentum!

They will be in the shop for open house!

ok ok I could not wait…I put them in the shop now. Why wait to have a blooming cup of sunshine! The blooming teas are a sight to behold and the flavors are naturally delish.
Each package will make up to 48 cups of tea and tisane.
I ordered in the beautiful glass teapots so you may enjoy the full bloom of each tea pod that you brew.
These floral pods also bloom beautifully in a mason jar as well or any glass vehicle that can withstand boiling water.
Pick your floral bouquet and enjoy!

Nice shot of Diamond Antiques at night.

All of the goodies are arriving daily. After years of searching I finally found the supplier for Flavigny Violet and Rose candy! You won’t have to go to Mon Ami in the Strip to find these delicacies and they are competitively priced❤️ I also found the Sunny Seeds chocolate covered sunflower seeds in dark chocolate and milk chocolate pastel colors! Me so happy!

Local Wind

Definition -Local wind-One of a number of winds that are influenced predominantly by the topographic feature of a small region.

I have been inspired in the New Year in a most serendipitous way.

Inspiration sort of started with a piece of physical junk mail that I got in the late fall. It was a small advertising pamphlet that I would normally toss in the recycle bin that caught my attention. I quickly set it aside for winter perusing when the holiday season was over. I finally sat down and looked through it and one little company in this catalog grabbed my attention and well, it has finally exploded for the little Stillroom shop! (exciting for me anyhow) This one little tea company that produces floral, blooming tea helped me to expand on some very lovely giftware and culinary delights.

“I’m busting, Jerry, busting!” (Seinfeld, 1993 The Puffy Shirt episode)

First, one of the things I have tried to do over the past years is to buy local. By that I mean local, Pennsylvania, tri-state and across the nation. The shop does expand the whole way to China because, well, that is where tea comes from.

Global economy is as important as local.

Shop goals I set for myself last year and for this year-

Locally produced, as in Pennsyvania products were a must. This included local wholesalers
Tracking down women owned wholesalers and makers (women should really rule the world anyhow)
Finally tracking down and honing in on products that took (embarrassed to admit)years to find
Trying to gear in on nature inspired stuffs including floral and tea inspired culinary delights!

As of now, all of these goals have been met.

The Stillroom Gift & Tea Shop is located inside of Diamond Antiques & Gifts at 311 East 6th Avenue in Tarentum, PA
Diamond Antiques & Gifts houses over 24 vendors on two floors of awesomeness in a restored historic building.
The hours are Tuesday through Sunday from 10-5
Closed Monday’s for dusting and restocking.

We are welcoming a really great new vendor to the store so come on in and see what’s new! Or should I say old. They have very, very nice antiques.

Now, about pricing. Ugh! I had a client sort of have an issue with a product I carry in the shop. He said can go to Shadyside and purchase it for 9.50. Well, it’s like this. Us poor shmucks with small shops most always will pay a higher wholesale cost due to ordering smaller quantities. The Stillroom product is 13.50. Now, one can jump in the car and hit up Shadyside, pay gas and parking in addition to travel time, or you can drive a mile or so and pay the 13.50. idk. If I love a product enough to take a risk on a higher cost, I’m all in. What is the product? Claire Burke Original Spray. Can’t help it. I love this heavy, heady fragrance and it is worth every spritz.

In addition to all of the dreamy stuffs I just ordered for the tea shop, I will be perusing estate sales again soon so I can add all of those special one-of-a-kind objects that dot the Stillroom and make it an interesting spot to shop in.

I am excited for the future of Diamond Antiques & Gifts. A brick and mortar store with chicks made of bricks. (and a few dudes too) We tough.

Happy New Year folks!


Lol. For real.