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These are bundles of French Lavender that just arrived. The color is deep and the perfume is excellent. The bundle on the left was purchased in the Strip and is $14.00. You can drive to the Strip, fight traffic, pay for parking and most likely have to walk blocks on crumbled sidewalks and weave through crowds.

Unless you are shopping the Strip for fun, that’s cool.

But, why would you pay $14.00 for a half of a bundle of French Blue Lavender in the Strip when you can take a pleasant drive through your very own neighborhood and go to your neighborhood gift store and not only find the very same French Blue Lavender, but with your hard earned dollars get double the amount for $18.00?

You don’t have to pay to park or navigate crowds or potholes.

When you walk into Diamond Antiques and Gifts hang a sharp right and go up one step and you will find yourself in The Stillroom Gift and Tea Shop.

On Wednesday, February 19th in the shop you will find the aforementioned French Blue Lavender bundles.

When you step through the door of Diamond Antiques you are greeted with a view of two floors of the best in Antiques and giftware and so much more!

You just have to see for yourself. We do not disappoint!

311 East Sixth Avenue


Tuesday-Sunday 10-5

Closed Monday to dust and restock.

March 3rd is the Spring Open 🏠

It is lovely 😊

Mike and Anthony

This fabulous artwork was done for me by Pittsburgh artist Ryan Numair of @deadofnight.art. I can’t remember how I stumbled upon Ryan’s work but it was a lucky discovery for me because I love the Day of the Dead holiday and the beautiful traditions behind it. Ryan’s depictions of this art and commissioned pieces are just terrific! I had this done for Mike and Anthony’s milestone birthdays last month. The idea for the drawing was based on a Christmas gift from them about 25 years ago. Mike and Anthony bought me two concrete gargoyles that served as bookends over the years. One was hunched over a computer and the other was sucking it’s thumb. They represented our life at the time as new parents and Mike’s career as a newly minted “computer guy”. Ryan needed a bit to go on so I told him about Anthony’s love of Legos as a child and his developed skills over the past ten years as a designer and sewer of NASA memorabilia from the moon landings. Anthony has done work for Adam Savage and also has a piece in the San Francisco museum of modern art! (proud mum) This is why he has a sewing machine in his lap. Their combined love of the band Wilco finds these loves sitting atop of what has come to be known as the Wilco towers in Chicago. The towers are on the cover of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot lp. The starry night in the background finishes off this perfect piece of art. It now hangs in the office of State Street Networks in the Detective Bldg. in East Liberty. A million thanks to a great up and coming artist! You can check out Ryan’s work @deadofnight.art


Check out this video on YouTube:

A little Valentines Day tune. ❤️

I found this really pretty piece that ended up being perfect for weighing and packaging the culinary lavender for The Stillroom tea shop (inside of Diamond Antiques) It’s on the larger side of a small serving dish that was probably used for olives etc. I’m a real sucker for these old dishes and serving pieces that come in an array of beautiful shapes and floral paintings. I really do use the pieces I have collected over the years. This goes to show that you don’t need a lot of money to set a beautiful table. This beauty was $1.99 and is in perfect condition. There are no marks indicating that it was imported or made here. I guess it is “shabby chic?” I enjoy the delicacy of the shapes and painted gardens they hold. They put a smile on my face. I sometimes wonder who’s table did this sit on over the years and what was served in them? Gherkins, olives, a side of applesauce perhaps? Was this used only on a special holiday. Then I snap out of it and think, Hmmm…you know what I could serve in here? M&M’s. This is a keeper!