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Mark your calendar for the Spring Open House!

I think the title “Going through some things” can lead the reader to think of one of a couple of scenarios.

While I was going through some things, I came across a really old and useful book of poems that I forgot about.  I would have to guess it’s from about early 1900’s. I’ll google it when I have a sec and let the reader know any details I might come across.

Inside, I found small and delicate Queen Ann’s Lace pressed between the yellowed pages. I think I put those in there in the 80’s, most likely from my mother in laws field in Sarver.

The wacky looking thing in the window is a cool bottle opener. Leaving it there because it’s kind of interesting and I can stop opening my beer with my teeth.

The tulips are there because they are reminding me that the Diamond Antiques Open house is right around the corner!


This cat looks as motivated as I feel today. I lack a wanna do anything. So many things I should be doing.

Going through some stuff

So, going through some stuff, I found this pic of my dad as a boy. He grew up to serve in the Marine Corp. and in 1951, at the age of 22, sent this musical post card to his mom, my gram. I dare not try and play the brittle song. These would be kind of cool to bring back into play. Pun intended. Anyone?

Hey! The Spring Open house at Diamond Antiques and Gifts with its 20 some vendors are getting ready to burst into some serious springtime action!

311 East Sixth Avenue


Happy VT Day to yinz!

Found these Pittsburghese Hearts at the Love Pittsburgh shop for my Valentine.

I forgot how great The Band was. Watching The Last Waltz this evening. Check out this video on YouTube: Neil Young joining The Band with Helpless.  Notice Joni Mitchell doing background vocals.


Parents of the year.

Check out this video on YouTube:


Thought about this song after Christopher Plummer passed recently. So pretty. This was probably the only family movie my parents took us to. My dad was more of a Dirty Dozen or Village of the Damed type🙄which we did see at the Manos or Sunset Drive In. Scared the crap out of me.  I will be forever damaged from the day they sent us to see What Ever Happened to Baby Jane.  It was a Saturday or Sunday matinee at the Manos in Tarentum. They probably wanted to get us out of their hair for a minute.  I was with my older brother and sister and I was about six or seven.  I screamed bloody murder at the first five minutes of the movie and my dad had to come and get me.  Parents of the year. lol

In the shop today! Pussy Willows are bundled and wrapped🙌