Mayday, Mayday!

I can not believe that two months have passed me by .  I apparently have slacker tendencies.

That was my gift to me in my New Year resolution.  Me first.  So I decided to throw caution to the wind and take up yoga.  It went pretty well until around March.  But, every day is a new day and I am working on getting myself back on track.  With so much life swirling around me in so many ways, I found the most difficult part of learning this practice is sitting still for twenty minutes and learning how to breath.  Breathing is kind of an important function and I think that is what I miss most.  Breathing and standing still.  That was my idea of me first.  How can I take care of life in general if I can’t stand on one leg for a ridiculous amount of time?

On that note, before I head to the shop to do what needs to be done this morning, I figured it is time for an update since I will be running a three month ad in the Willow Tree. (just in case anyone actually reads this and if you do, thanks).

Here is what’s happening.  The Stillroom Tea shop has left the building.  The winter has passed on and spring will be soon nearing it’s beautiful and fragrant end.  With regret I have closed up the satellite shop in Saxonburg for the summer months ahead.   Starting today, May 1st,  The Stillroom teas will be gone from the shelves at Mimi’s on Main in Saxonburg with the hope of returning again for the fall and winter months.  That’s the current plan unless life throws me curve.

In the meantime, The Stillroom is in full bloom at Diamond Antiques and Gifts in Tarentum so stop in sometime and treat yourself to a great selection of Stash Teas and Harney & Sons loose teas along with tea accessories.  A day with out a good cup of tea, hot or iced, is like a day without a good cup of tea, hot or iced.

Did you know that Diamond Antiques & Gifts has been voted as best antique store about as many times as the Steelers won the Super Bowl?   Truth. So we are the champions of the most awesome place to shop for awesome decorative, functional, antique, vintage, rustic, quirky, breathtaking, beautiful, locally made furniture,  teas, lotions, soaps, hats, gloves, purses, jewelry, culinary lavender, organic catnip, essential lavender oil and I’m out of breath.

Did I mention there are chocolate bars at the counter and the proceeds go to the Animal Shelter?  That alone should entice you to come and see just what we are all about.  Diamond Antiques & Gifts is a treasure.  Did you know that when movies shoot in our area Diamond Antiques is a hot tip for prop shoppers?  Say that three times.  Prop shoppers prop shoppers prop shoppers.

Fleatique is starting up soon!  Remember Diamond Antiques will be there starting May 21st!

Diamond Antiques & Gifts

311 East 6th Avenue in Tarentum

Wed-Sat 10-5  Sunday 12-5

Sunday 12-5

Remember the store opens early on fleatque days too!

It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade. -Charles Dickens

That is a near perfect description of the weather coming this week.

Hey, guess what?  Diamond Antiques at 311 East 6th Avenue in Tarentum is coming in like a lion with a week long storewide sale!  This is a great time to come in and take advantage of the first storewide transformation of the 2017 season.

I am continually amazed by just how creative our staff at Diamond Antiques is.  The store is stocked with just the coolest items from architecturally salvaged goods (which come and go like the wind), awesome locally made furniture, old and repurposed  furniture that you just have to see to appreciate.  You will find antique and vintage everything with some new items in the mix.  Candles, lotions, soaps, dry goods, art, cards, glassware, pottery, essential oils, vintage jewelry, hats, purses,gloves, vintage cars, pins, whew!  People are always so impressed when they walk through the doors of Diamond Antiques and Gifts. I still am and I’ve been a part of the co op for just over a couple of years.

The nice thing about Diamond Antiques besides the helpful staff, is that there is a lovely retail tea shop located inside!  The Stillroom Gift & Tea Shop has been serving up a a great selection of tea since 2001.  We stock local honey in the form a cute little mini bears.  These are so sweet to give as a gift with a package of tea.  We have honey sticks, rock candy, green tea latte candy, violet candy and clove candy.

Choco rocks are back!   These are so cute for an Easter basket for a kid.  Add a matchbox dump truck and a bag of chocolate rocks together and there you go!  If you don’t want to give them up, come in and pick up the recipe card for a ChocoRock Martini.  mmmmmm

We have pure Chocolate tea.  Don’t even get me started on how excellent this dessert tea is.  A touch of sweetness and a splash of milk and oh my.

You will find locally made organic cat toys, cards. organic lavender sachets, essential lavender oil,      herbal tea, black tea, green tea, oolong tea, white tea, tea blends and blooming floral teas.    Holiday tea is in stock all year.  Why stop at Christmas?  The Christmas Eve herbal tea is heavenly.  Looking to fuel up?  Try the Super Irish breakfast.  It’s the espresso of the tea world.

Tea Wallets are not in stock just yet.  I have to find some awesome fabric at my favorite independent store, Loom.  Look for them by the end of March.

The shop carries tea filters, tea bags that you can fill, a limited variety of awesome Harney & Sons loose teas by the ounce or the four ounce tin.   We have tea strainers, tea cups, tea pots, tea cups with strainers and lids.

If you enjoy treasure hunting for that special piece, you need to start it here.  If you can’t  find it here, we will direct you to other local possibilities.

Come in and save a whopping 20% on any purchase over $10.00 now through Sunday in The Stillroom.

The storewide sale runs from Wednesday, March 1st to Sunday March 5th.  Store is open Wed-Sat 10-5 and Sunday 12-5.

Don’t forget to visit Mimi’s Memories in Saxonburg and check out The Stillroom satellite store where you will find a limited but popular selection of tea and accessories!

Well, it’s time to move on to the next sport not to mention the next season.  Daylight savings is around the corner in early March and soon we will ordering fish sandwiches from the area churches and various organizations.  Paczki (pronunciation is poonch-key , or better yet, “I’d like a dozen.” are already showing up in the local bakeries and our attention will soon be turning to affairs of the heart on Valentine’s Day and soon after, Easter.

Speaking of chocolate, The Stillroom Gift & Tea shop  has Harney & Sons Chocolate and Roses tea as well as Chocolate tea in stock.   OMG! If you have not had  either of these dessert teas and you are a chocolate lover and have never had a dessert tea, this is a great place to start.   The aroma alone is just like a milk chocolate bar!  A touch of milk and a sprinkle of sugar, this is a calorie counter’s dream.  Don’t deprive yourself of this chocolate treat.  The Stillroom Harney & Sons chocolate tea and Valentine’s Blend tea are available by the 4 oz. decorative tin or the 1 oz. package.  It is a loose black tea. These tea treats are available until Easter and just like the bunny, poofkah, they are gone.  Paris  loose black tea is also back in stock.

If you are not familiar with Harney & Sons teas, it is important for me to tell you that it is a family owned top of the line tea company here in the north east.  So, through purchasing this tea, you are essentially helping the economy locally as well as this top notch tea company.  The Stillroom carries a limited amount of loose tea and Harney is the only one we sell.  Available in Rose, Chocolate, Paris and Valentines’s Chocolate and Roses.

In the meantime, the shop is slowly being restocked with our handmade, organic catnip pillows, lavender by the ounce, lavender essential oil, hand-sewn organic lavender sachets and a colorful line of greeting cards.

New to the shop and coming soon will be our really terrific Yoga DVD developed for senior citizens, people recovering from injuries or anyone who is new to exercise.  The main reason I love this DVD is because as I have gotten older, the one thing I have been noticing is my balance is really out of whack.  That is the one thing that we lose as we get older and so far this Yoga for the rest of us is helping me gain strength and balance.  For once this is something I can really get behind and be excited about.  I love it so much I decided to bring it in to the shop to make it available to you.  I’m addicted.

Also, The Stillroom Teas are now available in a basic limited assortment in Saxonburg at Mimi’s Memories on Main Street.  Here you will find an assortment of black, green and herbal teas as well as tea accessories and a few vintage pieces.  Harney & Sons loose black teas are also in stock.

The full  Stillroom Tea shop is available inside of the most awesome Diamond Antiques and Gifts.  Boasting a great group of 26 vendors we are located at 311 East Sixth Avenue in Tarentum. We are located right next to Massart’s Historic Diner, across the street from the fabulous Tarentum Station, up the street a block from Seita’s Jeweler’s and a hop skip and a jump away from Gatto’s and the Tarentum Bridge. Don’t forget to hit the Praha for those Funzi Wings and generous helpings of bar food faves.  New to Tarentum?  Check out the one and only Koski’s Corner.  They are a full service coffee shop with a complete coffee menu and a growing selection of wonderful treats including ice cream.  Pretty cool.  Looking for all of the above?  Find Diamond Antiques centrally located in the middle of the business district and under the black and white striped awning.  Diamond Antiques and Gifts is closed Monday and Tuesday (restocking days for the shop) and is open Wednesday through Saturday from 10-5 and Sunday from 12-5.

It is tea weather so come on in to Diamond Antiques and search for something just for the sake of getting out of the winter doldrums and treat yourself to a fine package of tea while you are in there! Nothing like a hot cup of tea to drown our sorrows in after the Steeler’s loss.  I knew those Patriot’s would win.  Oh well. Go Pens!



Happy New Year!

It is pretty cold out there this morning and I have to get going so I can navigate the snowy roads to get to Diamond Antiques today.

I hope everyone has had a chance to decompress now that we are in the New Year.  We will be watching the Steelers play this Sunday with family.  It’s a good reason to throw a log on the fire and enjoy some black and gold tea!  What is that?  Any black tea you enjoy will cover the black tea and chamomile brews up a pretty gold.  Serve in glass mugs and sip.

You can put out any kind of black and gold cookie or treat for dessert if you really want a  black and gold themed party.  I sure hope they win!  It gives us something to look forward to not to mention the longer days.

Diamond Antiques is open and ready to pack up Christmas and freshen up for the fun days ahead.  The Stillroom is gearing up to replace all of the lovely handcrafted things you have come to enjoy and will be adding a few new/old pieces.  All of the tea has been restocked and the Harney & Sons chocolate tea will be here in time for Valentine’s Day.  The shop will be adding Paris in loose form too.    That tea is loose so you will need filters or strainers, which are now in stock too.

What’s new for 2017 at The Stillroom?  More loose teas from Harney & Sons!  I look forward to the Rose scented tea.  In addition to the Paris and Valentine’s Day tea blend, we will be getting a true chocolate tea too.  This isn’t a Valentine’s thing for me.  I just really, really enjoy chocolate, pretty much in any form.  The advantage to drinking the chocolate in the form of tea is that is is lower in calories that a chocolate bar.  I guess it’s good to maintain some control or whatever.

That’s about it for the update.  Come on in and grab some tea for that black and gold tea party!  It can be fun.  I did one many years ago when I first opened my shop and it was interesting coming up with a black and gold main menu and dessert.  Use your imagination and keep in mind that the Steel City is black and gold all year around.

The Stillroom teas are now available at Mimi’s Memories in Saxonburg.  Same prices, same great quality.  Proud to say tea prices have remained the same since I opened in 2001.

Wrapping it up

Christmas shopping at Diamond Antiques is in full swing and that means a few things will be sold out this week.  The crystalized ginger is sold out and there is one nutmeg grater left as of this writing.  The Stillroom has holiday tea all year around so there is no rush there.  The White Christmas ginger mint is sold out but will be restocked on Thursday.  Tea wallets are down to just a few.  Just thought I’d throw that out there.


There are still a few shopping days left and it is going to be a balmy week around Pittsburgh.  Diamond Antiques is having a month long sale so be sure to stop in and take advantage of good weather conditions along with great savings.  You will be sure to enjoy the creativity, artistry and energy that the vendors put in their spaces.  It is a relaxing and casual way to shop for antique, vintage, new, old, well loved, gently used stuffs.  No wonder we have been voted one of the best antique and gift store!

Candles, hand lotions, sweets, tea, home decor, toys, dry goods…the list is endless, really.  This store has some of the coolest, unusual and hard to find goodies in stock.  If we don’t have it, we will direct you to local places that you can call and check.

Remember, any item priced over ten dollars (except items marked “firm”), will be marked down according to the vendors discount.

Diamond Antiques and The Stillroom within will be open Wednesday through Friday 10-4, open until seven on Thursday and Saturday, Christmas Eve, until 4.  Closed Christmas Day.

Reopening for the last week of the year Wednesday through Friday from 10-4 , open until seven on Thursday and  New Year’s Eve until 4, closed New Years Day.

On behalf of all of our hard working vendors, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Have a Merry Christmas and to all a good night!




(re: summer) It has been a long, hotter summer and I must say I am enjoying the cooler temperatures. The Flea-tique will be wrapping up this month, and the farmer’s markets will be drawing to a close. So go and gather your eggs, buns, halushki, cookies and pepperoni rolls because once the harvest is done, […]

via Well, there was that. — The Stillroom

The Antiques Appraisal Fair at Diamond Antiques was a smashing success!  What a fun and very informative event to attend just before the seasons transition.  If you google Diamond Antiques the search will take you to the Facebook page and you can view some of the valued treasures that were brought in for evaluation.  The vendors at Diamond Antiques and Gifts are always so excited for this event.  When this one is over, we know it is time for us to present our best to you for the upcoming holiday season.

The Open House was really, really nice.  The evening was festive and fun as people turned out for this annual customer appreciation gathering!  The food was fabulous, the shopping was fun and the shop was filled with smiling, happy faces!   The building was transformed into a beautiful and nostalgic atmosphere and a good time was had by all.

THE NEXT BIG THING – All of the mom and pop shops very much look forward to Small Business Saturday on November 26th so please mark Diamond Antiques on your calendar.  Here you will find over 25 vendors each with special treasures both old and new,  primitive and modern, practical and quirky and TEA!  Yes, there is a terrific tea shop located within the walls of Diamond Antiques and Gifts!

DECEMBER- In December there will a a month-long sale!

THE STILLROOM -INSIDE OF DIAMOND ANTIQUES is fully stocked now with a really great selection of all of your favorite teas, accessories, vintage hats and gloves, tea wallets complete with holiday tea assortment, bulk lavender, lavender essential oil, lavender sachets, patchouli rose sachets, organic handmade catnip toys, nutmeg and nutmeg graters, candied ginger, honey sticks, rock candy, violet candy, green tea latte candy, locally made cards and children’s books.  In addition to the tea, The Stillroom Gift & Tea shop maintains antique touches and vintage charm throughout.

The Stash Holiday Teas are all stocked up and this season I will be featuring all of our dessert teas so come in and see what that is all about.

The Stillroom is located inside of Diamond Antiques at 311 E. Sixth Avenue in Tarentum, PA.  We are next to Massart’s Historic Diner, across the street from Tarentum Station, up the street from Seita Jeweler’s and a few blocks from the Tarentum Bridge.

Shop, walk, eat and enjoy our little corner of the world!

The store hours at Diamond Antiques and Gifts are Wednesday through Saturday from 10-5.  Thursday’s until 7 and Sunday’s from 12:00 – 5:00.

The shop will be closed on Thanksgiving Day. Diamond Antiques will be open Christmas Eve until four. Closed Christmas Day.   Open New Year’s Eve until four and closed New Year’s Day.

Here is a news flash that just happened.  We’re baaaaaaack! The Stillroom now has a second location inside of Mimi’s Memories on Main Street in Saxonburg!  Mimi’s is located in the heart of the village of  Saxonburg at 225 West Main Street  and the number is 724-524-1717.  The store is open Tuesday through Friday from 10-5 and Saturday from 9:30-3.  Now, how about that?