Here are a few pics of the hand made vintage aprons. With kids staying home for the foreseeable future and everyone is baking and cooking more, why not look awesomely stylish! I also have a couple of beautiful one for little kids but they aren’t in the shop just yet. Probably by the end of the week!

Some daze

Some days all I gots is music. I will be taking some shop pics soon. Wait until you get a load of all of the awesome vintage aprons that are hanging around. Impeccable workwomanship in each and every stitch.


Check out this video on YouTube:

Oh yeah!


It Must Be Summer😁

Check out this video on YouTube:

My favorite Dead song. Enjoy!🙂

So I traded out the stacked vintage benches for this awesome piece that I’ve been storing in the garage for the past year. It makes a great garden plus it’s on wheels! It’s perfect for a natural green wall on the open air patio. I found this gem last year at #diamondantiques in #tarentumshops #pittsburghvintage #pittsburghsalvage #quarantineqreations #herbgardenonwheels #pittsburghpatio #pittsburghantiques

Fancy schmancy Bonne Maman mini honey and strawberry preserves just flew in from France and boy are their little jar arms tired. Perfect for a gift basket or for your own bad self. Fancy but not too fancy.


Gotta get away

These delicate little bonbons have been around since 1591 and are available at The Stillroom shop! Naturally flavored with violet or rose oil, these are meant to be savored until you get to the breath freshening anise seed at the center of the candy. These candies are $4.95 for a 1 3/4 oz tin and will last quite a while. You can’t bite these or you will break your teeth!

These imported bonbons from France can be found inside of

Diamond Antiques and Gifts

311 East 6th Avenue

Tarentum, Pa

at The Stillroom Tea Shop

Open Tuesday-Sunday 10-5