Dr. My Eyes

It was an eventful December for me because I had my minor eye surgery that produced major results.  The benefits have been tremendous in that I can drive again and I no longer need to wear glasses all of the time.  Ten dollar readers and I am good to go.

The down side of seeing everything is I didn’t realize how many age spots are on my face, wrinkles under my eyes and hair I missed plucking on my upper lip.  Oh, and the puffiness under my eyes due to what I always thought was lack of sleep but turns out it’s pretty much fat.  The lovely benefits of getting older.

I recently had conversations with some of my 1973 former classmates and we were suddenly talking about how grateful we are to be alive!  Holy sh*t.  How on earth did we even get here?

Anyhow, I hope all of you had a lovely holiday season.  I ended up hosting two different holiday gatherings that were really nice.   My side of the family produces twenty five guests and my husband’s family is slightly smaller at thirteen guests.  My parents, who are 90 and still live at home, were hosting the annual holiday gathering until my dad had an unfortunate fall, (he’s ok) to which the party ended up at our home.

Turns out the family that gathered Christmas Day all ended up with some nasty stomach flu.  You can only imagine my horror at the thought that I single handedly gave half of my husband’s family  food poisoning that followed over the next few days.  It ends up that it was, in fact a flu bug that was going around.  I did manage to avoid that but eventually came down with a cold.

I am now puttering around the house and am putting away Christmas.  One of the things I realized in gathering everything to pack up for the season was that I apparently have a thing for glassware.  Not necessarily expensive glassware either.  The assortment of glass that I have collected over the years is great for setting an elegant yet casual table and they are all  great serving pieces.

Guess what?  The glass is so nice I decided I need a new/old hutch to put these pieces in and guess where I’ll find the perfect hutch?  Diamond Antiques and Gifts of course!  The store has a great selection of vintage hutches that are not gigantic and will fit perfectly in my tiny kitchen.   Storage is everything and I like to do it with eclectic style.  Furniture that to me, doubles as art!

I like that glass is just such a clean, fresh and uncluttered look.  So, if you are looking to update a kitchen look or any room in a small way, check out the shop for awesome pieces of glassware.  From functional display cabinets to endless glassware to choose from, check out Diamond Antiques and Gifts and let us help you find those special touches that brighten your space as the days grow longer.

I did spy some vintage drinking glasses with pink tulips on them.  I know we are only a couple of weeks into winter but that doesn’t stop me from thinking about spring!

Don’t forget The Stillroom is located right inside the door of Diamond Antiques and Gifts. Stop in and grab some tea, honey, horehound throat drops and whatever else you need to stave off those winter chills!

Diamond Antiques is located in the riverside borough of Tarentum.   Located about 20-22 minutes or so north of Pittsburgh, take a drive up and check out this store.  Not only will you not be disappointed, you will wonder how you didn’t know this place even existed.

311 E. Sixth Avenue

Tarentum, PA

Wednesday through Saturday from 10-5

Sunday from 12-5

Closed Monday and Tuesday so we can dust and restock.

Check out Diamond Antiques facebook page for pictures of ever changing inventory!

@lequitalee for The Stillroom photos of this and that

Ima go take a nap now.

Happy New Year!





Winter Solstice

Today we welcome the winter solstice.  The shortest day and longest night of the year.  Just after sunset at 5:23 p.m. this afternoon, we will begin the journey through winter as we start to move toward the light of longer daylight hours.

For many people, this is a sacred time of the year.  It is a time to reflect.  It is a time to turn inward and appreciate what this season has to offer.  It is a time to perhaps not let the hubbub of the holiday season overwhelm our senses.  It is a time to pay attention to  nature and the bareness of the trees at rest.  There is quiet beauty in all of winter.

This year, the solstice is extra special because it will be followed by a full moon the next night also called the Cold Moon.  The moon will be so bright that night, you might able to read by its light! During these next few days the annual Ursids meteor shower will be at its peak.  So, it is important to not forget to look up once in a while. You might just see a few shooting stars!

As we close out the holiday season over the next week,  the shops at Diamond Antiques and Gifts would like to say “thank you” to the friends and neighbors that made our little corner of the world such a special place.  We are so happy that you chose us to help you create your special cozy spot to enjoy the winter months as we start to quiet down and hibernate when time allows.

Celebrate the solstice and celebrate winter!

Happy Solstice!

Merry Christmas!