The Patriarch

The whole family gathered this past Friday to celebrate our dad’s 93rd birthday at the Grant Bar in Millvale. It was fun to get everyone together in a different kind of way since mom passed. This pic is from his 90th. We were a loud bunch, everyone sang Happy Birthday including other folks there for lunch followed by a round of applause. It was a capital day.

Falling in Love Again

We are helping to bring mom and pop shops back as a community.

If you are younger and missed it then, come around and see what shopping was like in the old days.


Seriously! I just can’t believe I’m thinking about simpler times.

Fresh air, walking from store to store. Sometimes to buy, sometimes to just “look around.”

Now, we call it “getting our steps in.” Lol

I remember holding my mothers hand as a child as we walked from the medical buildings on Fourth Avenue in Tarentum and around the corner to the Praha to get lunch as we waited for my dad to pick us up.

Now, you can get a great breakfast, great coffee and tea, furniture, giftware, cards, awesome chocolates, art work, take a painting class, have a beer, a beverage, a home cooked dinner, and shopping and walking and all that jazz!

It’s all making a come back in a big way and it is our neighbors and friends and the surrounding communities making it all happen!

Join Diamond Antiques and Gifts for a celebration of surviving rain, snow, sleet, COVID, heat waves and so much more!

We still doing it as a lovely co-op full of like-minded shop-keeps, bringing the best of what we have to offer.

Aura Bora

The Stillroom, keeping the floral flavors blooming!

Aura bora has the best true floral flavor I’ve ever experienced in a sparkling water.

Herbal, delish and coming to The Stillroom this week!

Aura Bora in all of its herbal and floral glory!

Perfect for summer sipping and lovely for the hostess/host gift. A small indulgence and a sparkling water like you have never had before.

Available in Cactus Rose and Lavender Cucumber.

Different and divine. I’m in love❤️

Learn to love floral flavors. So, so good!

The Stillroom loves all fur babies and we want to help you keep them as safe as possible! 🐶🐈🦜🐹🤟❤️

Lavender Dreams

Fragrant, tiny buds.

Potent enough to calm bears.

Nature’s sedative.

The Stillroom has lovely lavender.

Bundles, culinary and tea is always in stock.

One can never have enough calm.

Just in time for Misdummer!

Once it’s gone, it’s gone with the season. 🥴

I heard a who and figured it’s night noise coming from the woods and I paid no particular attention. Summer sounds. After a bit, I looked up and saw this owl. It sat there for quite some time. When it took flight, it swooped over head low enough to see just how beautiful those spread out wings are!