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Looking Claire Burke Original spray? I love this heady and aromatic fragrance. Always available at the shop! Plus the adorbs sleeping girl with goblins and fairies keeping watch. A small, festive Halloween decoration. (Made in USA)


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That’s a wrap

Welp.  It’s that time of the year when we start to smoosh all of the holidays in the last four months of the year into one long celebration.

Sometimes I think I have a problem with that but when you think about it, what else is there when the daylight hours grow shorter?

Party planning, naturally!  You don’t need a house full of people for a party and remember, lonliness is NOT good for you!

Yes, the shop did have a lovely transformation this past week and we had a few comments like ” fall already?”  You know, we are not far off of the mark.  When I was leaving Pittsburgh Mills at dusk on August 15th, the late day sun was shining ever so slightly on the steep hillside across the highway and across the river and let me just say, the leaves are already turning.  That makes us on point.

If you are still shopping for great pieces of furniture or decor for a dorm room, new apartment or just looking for a fresh seasonal touch in your humble abode, Diamond Antiques is the place.  Folks that come in and shop almost always leave with something  wether it’s a pack of tea or a long table with seating for eight.   The furniture quality at Diamond Antiques and Gifts is really good and the turnover of pieces is quite remarkable.

And the prices?  Don’t get me started.

Hey, guess what?  Diamond Antiques and Gifts has new hours and they are so easy to remember.  We are now open Tuesday through Sunday 10-5.  That is sooooo much better for everyone.  You now have not only and extra day to come in, but if you are an early bird on Sunday mornings, we open at 10!

Looking for tea?  The Stillroom Gift & Tea Shop has you covered!  Fall florals and tiny pumpkins, pumpkin tea and the usual awesome tea selection is still happening at the tea shop.  Stop in and have a look around.  It is a relaxing place to get your steps in.  We have two floors of amazing home furnishings and so much more waiting for you.  Cards, tea, honey, coffee, jewelry, gift certificates…really, Diamond Antiques and Gifts is a shop where you can come in and put together a whole gift basket full of goodies!  With the holidays approaching, what a perfect place to come for a one of a kind host or hostess gift.  You can pull it all together under one roof.  That’s the advantage of a real neighborhood store!

Our anniversary sale runs through the rest of August so try not to miss out on a 20% discount on any purchase over $10.00.  That’s a great sale when you consider we are not a huge conglomerate!

Look to September for our annual Appraisal Fair!  I can’t even believe we are back here again.  How fast these days seem to roll by.  UGH!  It is on Sunday, September 29, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m..  This annual  event at Diamond Antiques with Jeffrey Poole of Victoria’s Looking Glass has gained popularity over the years.  Is it trash or treasure?  Come and find out.  The cost is STILL only $5.00 per item for appraisal.  This is a great opportunity to really get an accurate handle on that special item you have always been curious about.

That about wraps up the current situation as we put a wrap on summer.

Diamond Antiques and Gifts

311 E. Sixth Avenue, Tarentum PA

724 224-4687

NEW HOURS – Tuesday-Sunday  10-5

The Stillroom Gift & Tea Shop  (we are in the window)

311 E. Sixth Avenue, Tarentum PA


@lequitalee for rando pics



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Where and how do we even begin😢

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It’s nice to have Ricky around since Angel passed. Oh, these dogs! What they do for us! He’s in a chicken and greenie induced coma. Me, I’m just 😊

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The Stillroom has lotsa good stuffs! Bundled florals, jewelry, greeting cards, this, that and the other.

NEW hours are in the works starting August 1st!

Diamond Antiques & Gifts will open six days a week. Sunday through Saturday 10-5. Simple and easy to remember!

Closed Monday’s to dust and restock.

August is our month long sale!

September rings in our annual Antique Appraisal Fair!

Come in and visit The Stillroom located right inside the door of Diamond Antiques &Gifts.

311 East 6th Avenue in the riverside borough of Tarentum. Right smack next to Massart’s historic diner!

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