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It time for blooms!

It’s blooming tea! Originating in the Fugian Province, these flowering tea pods are so pretty as they begin to unfold in layers exposing a royal red flower surrounded by a ring of jasmine. This tea is very subtle in flavor and is perfect hot or iced! You don’t need a fancy schmancy glass tea pot to appreciate the magic of a flowering tea pod!

Find these in the shop after Memorial Day. I’m packaging and pricing and looking for a nice display piece💐🌸🌺

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42 years ago today, we sat on our front porch and watched Mount Saint Helen’s blow up.

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My beautiful Goddaughter Melissa on her wedding day. After a two year postponement, the passing of her father and grandmother, our family finally had a reason to celebrate and prove that life does indeed, go on and good things do happen.

That is my handsome son Anthony hanging with his cuz on her big day.

Anthony will soon be leaving for his new job at Johnson Space Center doing space stuff. Lol

After tragedy and loss, life does offer good times too.

I will miss my “only” very much but it’s time to fly away.🚀

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Sewing it up

I so enjoy the teensy pop-ups that appear in The Stillroom courtesy of Dd. It’s the little things in life❤️

I think I will be sewing today!

Speaking of sewing, our son is moving to Houston to start work with NASA in the soft goods department.

My great grandmother, Marie Von Echelpohl-Ameel-Proietti made her living as a seamstress when she moved to America. She lived in the area her entire life and made her way with her needle and thread.

My grandmother, Stella Wlodarczek Ameel made beautiful dresses and did delicate needle work in her spare hours through her entire life.

If the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, this is proof that some things are genetically inclined.

In the meantime, I will keep cranking out my four by five squares filled with organic catnip.

(I think my apple either skipped a generation or just rolled from the roots of the tree as I sew squares only)

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Guess what I will be doing today?

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What do think this kitty just did?

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Here you go!

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New product👍👍

I love these new loose tea strainers.

Stillroom tested, Vicki approved!

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I’m not the crazy cat lady but I do like the ease of having a cat during some of the busiest days of my life!

We have always had dogs and cats through the years including a senior rescue chihuahua that was never socialized. She was a lot work but eventually figured out she was loved beyond her wildest chihuahua dreams!

We have had aquariums too and over time those were downsized to a little bowl with a beta fish named Kevin.

The Stillroom has remained in flux over the years too and went from a first floor building filled with tea and cool stuffs and unique finds in Saxonburg to a sunny window space inside of Diamond Antiques and Gifts and now to an almost hidden corner of a two story building.

Under the radar yet still here in a different form, The Stillroom still offers a very nice selection of Harney & Sons loose teas, bagged tea as well as tea accessories. New in accessories-I have ordered some neat tea filter spoon things. I don’t know what else to call them but they look like they should work great for loose tea!

AND cat stuff! The shop will always have organic catnip pillows for the kitties. I hear the cat’s have their own day and refer to it as 4/21. Who knew?

Those doggone cats.

Oh, and those silky cat fans will be around for the coming summer along with the reading cat and the mirror cat. Yes, sadly the prices went up on those.

Things are in flux in so many ways now.

Tarentum market days calendar has been published so I’ll post a picture soon!

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Passing over

So it looks like mom had other plans for Easter. It has been a pleasure knowing and loving you, mom. Godspeed

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