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Cool gifts

You will need this awesome silk black cat fan. Reading cat and mirror kitty are back in town too.

Available at The Stillroom inside of Diamond Antiques & Gifts.

311 E. Sixth Avenue in Tarentum

Tuesday – Sunday 10-5

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Check out the really nice solar bulbs hanging from the coat rack! These are super fab in your garden or sunny window!

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I love these framed celestial prints. Appropriately displayed with the crystal stars, moon and sun.⭐️🌛🌞

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rip Biz


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Comes a knocking


Godspeed Barb!

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When life gives you lavender, make lemonade!

Culinary lavender is available by the ounce or the tablespoon because you don’t need but a bit to whip up some lemonade or scone or cake, cookie or icing!

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Scones reinvented!

I did an experiment today and it worked! I needed a quick little bite of something sweet for my mom this morning and I had one carrot cake scone mix left on the shelf and no cream for the recipe on the box. However, I had half and half and a few mini boxes of raisins. I thought it might just work as a bite instead of a scone and it worked!

This is a great way to use these scone mixes. The prep is one bowl and one cup of half and half and there is no rolling out on a floured board which translates to less clean up! I am all about how few dishes I will have in the sink after cooking or baking.

I did one mix to one cup of half and half and dropped them on a parchment covered sheet with a small cookie scoop. I think it’s about a round tablespoon. I baked as directed for the scones at 400 for about 8 minutes.

I did a glaze with vanilla and cinnamon extract. The mix made almost two dozen bites. (I think a few went missing before they were all baked).

I just ordered bread mixes for the upcoming baking season thinking less clean up (no rolling out or cleaning of muffin tins) but now that these turned out so well, I have to rethink this scone thing!

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All the pretties

Best part of the year🥳

New harvest.

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Moody weather

Here are some moody pictures I took at The Stillroom at Diamond Antiques this morning. The shop is open 10-5 today. I still carry my favorite little floral Flavigny pastilles and colorful Sunny Seeds and violet squares.

Harvesting has begun for dried florals and I am always amazed at the bounty of color, fragrance and flavor this good earth still blesses us with in spite of-

Ordering from my local wholesalers has begun. If it sounds like a new season is starting at mom and pop shops, it is! Our heads are already in the autumn and early winter!

Have a great summer and stay hydrated!

Oh, that last pic is a Nike shoe in the rain in the middle of the busy intersection. How does this happen?

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