I have been a believer in The Church of the Blind Chihuahua for many years now.

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Kitty’s Back

Kitty’s Back https://g.co/kgs/XQFzrg

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Kitty’s Back

Kitty’s Back.

That is a Bruce Springsteen song from The Wild, the Innocent and the E Street Shuffle.  Whew.  That’s a long title.  I saw Bruce at St. Vincent College back in like 1974-5 and it was a four hour show and they carried him off on a stretcher.  This was really before most people knew who he was.  It was epic.

In a tiny corner in the back of Diamond Antiques & Gifts , tucked away in a quiet spot, you will find The Pantry along with The Stillroom Tea Shop.

In this cozy spot, there is a well-curated selection of Harney & Sons loose teas in a tin along with tea strainers,  paper filters, draw string bags for loose tea, sugar sticks and honey sticks. The downsized Stillroom  tea shop has a small and very nice selection of vintage tea cups and an occasional vintage tea pot. Floral and lovely.  Just enough to make tea for two. Grandmillenial stuff. lol

I honestly have to say my love of anything floral probably came from my grandma Pastrick and grandma Ameel.  Grandma Pastrick (whom I was named after) had a gorgeous collection of tea cups from all over that my grandpap bought for her, one at a time, all stunning. These were not cheesy souvenir cups and saucers, these were mostly porcelain hand painted florals and were oh so delicate. They were kept in her fancy living room, the one where we couldn’t touch anything. My mom, her daughter, who is 93 has them on display in her kitchen now.

My grandma Ameel had a rose garden in Ducktown.  It lined both sides of her sidewalk from the porch to the alley and when they were in bloom, the air was so fragrant and sweet!  How she enjoyed tending to her roses. This was her meditation after coming home from working as a dishwasher at Allegheny Valley Hospital after my grandpap passed. I do remember those roses and the air and the bees. But mostly, her.

The shop carries a variety tea accessories and scone mixes and the best selling scone mixes are what you will find. The shop has limited quantities in-store and is re-stocked every Monday as needed. Due to the rising costs of scone mixes and shipping, the scone mix future is in doubt.

This corner of Diamond Antiques has a really nice selection of dry goods and an eclectic mix of glassware, functional kitchenware and a great selection of kitchen decor from placemats to pitchers and so much more.  It’s a small but mighty spot!

About Kitty, The Stillroom still crafts organic cat toys and the Reading Kitty is such a cute little knickknack for a library shelf.

That’s about it!

Drink your tea.


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Floral Faves💐

If a confection has been around since 1591, it has to be something special!

The Stillroom has Flavigny florals all year around.

The Stillroom is located inside of Diamond Antiques & Gifts.

Small and sweet, just like a Flavigny! (But not around quite as long)! 😉

Diamond Antiques & Gifts

311 E. Sixth Avenue


Tuesday-Sunday 10-5

The Stillroom Tea Shop is located within❤️

On the loose

The Pantry space inside of Diamond Antiques & Gifts is part of the larger selection of dry goods that is offered throughout the store.

The Stillroom occupies just enough space within the pantry to bring you the very best in the Harney & Sons loose tea collection.

Along with tea accessories, the pantry offers a small but fine selection of Flavigny floral candies along with other fine confections.

The Stillroom…still here😊

“Wherever there’s a fight so hungry people can eat, we will be there” – Chef Jose Andres

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