Deep sigh

My chemo was canceled until next week because my platelets were low. This is a side effect of chemo. The good news I prayed for was that my tumors are responding to the chemo. While I know there is no cure for pancreatic cancer, I felt a real sense of relief in that I know I will be around to see another spring and another summer. I am not ready to leave this beautiful planet.

I’m not a doctor

We got the test results from the CT scan and it looks as if the tumors are diminishing in size. I see my

Doctor on Monday and she will go over everything with me. While I know there is no cure for pancreatic cancer, I’m hoping to at least be around for another year,. I know there are no miracles for me, I suppose it’s ok to have faith. It’s something you can’t see or touch but you just have it. That me.

Racing thoughts

Truth be told, I’m wide awake at 3:00 am. I can’t shut my brain off. I go for my scan this morning and I’m scared. It is either shrinking, spreading or staying the same. I guess God is giving me what he thinks I can handle so handle I shall. By the way, the creole was excellent and better yet it was shared with sister and Mike’s brother. Cooking is medicine.

Creole fixing’s

What goes with creole? Cole slaw and corn bread of course!

Fat Tuesday

It has been a few years since I’ve made shrimp creole. I decided to take advantage of my feeling pretty good to make it today, Fat Tuesday. It will be for Ash Wednesday.

I go for a CT scan this week to see if my tumors have changed in my pancreas and liver. Fingers crossed for good news, such as it is.


On my way home

Two of Us https://g.co/kgs/VZTc3s

chemo day is finished. Out in the sun. In the car. On our way back home.

Quiet time

Today is a day that has been pretty quiet. Doing a little house stuff and feeling fine but underlying anxiety is always there. I’m mostly watching tv and trying to hit 3,000 steps by doing things around here. Monday is chemo day so there’s that. Trying to just occupy my mind and being grateful for feeling good. Always trying.