I’m baaaack. I have been a total slacker. Sometimes that’s just how it is. Workshop back in the swing.


The Stillroom dried florals.

Did you know that The Stillroom will do beautiful dried floral bundles? #thestillroom #tarentumshops #diamondantiques #madetoorder #everlastingflorals

I have been in business since 2002 and I have had the occasion to find a small handful of shops that are exceptional. For me as a shopper, I love the unusual, the functionality, decor, the visual of how a retail space is set up etc. I discovered this shop at 157 Winfield Road in Sarver yesterday and let me say, it hit more than the nail on the head. The shop and the creativity, love and care that went into this place just radiates through its charming owner! So, after you have browsed and shopped my favorite store of all, Diamond Antiques (because it too, hits all of the nails on the head) in Tarentum that also houses The Stillroom Tea shop, go and find the Rustique Roost. It will not disappoint! A stones throw from The Risch Building on 356. (Go left at the light)

Light Verbena Tea

I love lemon verbena tea.  The Harney and Sons Lemon Verbena herbal tea is back on the shelf for the hot summer days ahead.  Each individual bag is packaged  in a tripod shaped bag and is excellent for iced tea. This tea is a staple in the limited collection of Harney and Sons brand tea that we sell.

If you are looking for a beverage that is light and lemony and herbal, the Lemon Verbena is the tea you want to try!

The Stillroom Gift & Tea shop is located at 311 East 6th Avenue in Tarentum right inside the door of Diamond Antiques and Gifts.

The tea shop carries and extensive and excellent selection of Stash teas.  Come and check us out, you will not be disappointed!

From teapots to vintage tea cups, honey, tea accessories, hats, and gloves, The Stillroom is always dotted with smaller, functional antique pieces and interesting collectibles.

Browse two floors of 27 vendors in this magnificent old building filled with terrific finds from throughout the Pittsburgh area and beyond.

Diamond Antiques and Gifts

311 East Sixth Avenue

Tarentum PA

The Stillroom Gift and Tea Shop

Wednesday through Saturday from 10-5

Sunday from 12-5

Closed Monday and Tuesday to dust and restock

Look for Diamond Antiques and Gifts space at the Tour Ed Mind Fleatique every third Sunday of the month throughout summer!

The Shop opens at 8 on Fleatique Days.

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@ lequitalee on instagram for rando pics of this and that from The Stillroom

412-721-6357 for The Stillroom

I have been a bit late in updating this blog.  For the two people that read it, here’s what’s been happening…

The transitional months of April and May are just about done and soon I will be getting ready for OUTSIDE LIFE and grabbing as much sunlight as humanly possible!

The Stillroom Gift and Tea Shop carries quite a few standard items that we try not to run out of…but sometimes do.

The Stillroom has new tea flavors on order and my famous quick iced tea recipe is now available as a flyer that you can grab the next time you are in for your summer tea supply.

Summer beach kites are in stock!  The mini’s are flying out of the door and there is a nice selection of large kites too! (damn you Walmart, ours are better).  You don’t need a beach in order to fly a fine kite.  Just a good field like, oh, I don’t know, the field up by Mt. Airy cemetery?  Just watch where you step because its a favorite place for dogs to run and deer to roam.

Old fashioned jacks are back in stock!  Teach your children well.  Rain or shine these are  fun! The jacks are made in the USA and brought to us from an awesome company located in Charleroi.

Claire Burke Original Scent Sprays are back on the shelves again. This is a standard scent that I love more than anything.  It is heady, earthy and strong and not for everyone.  For those who love it, you know who you are, I gots it.

The only thing I’m waiting on now are the honey sticks.  These are sent from New Stanton (up the pike) and naturally are taking longer than items ordered from California.  Go figure.

As always, I try and find time to explore estate sales throughout the Pittsburgh area to bring you bits of this and that.

Sunday, May 19th is the FIRST FLEATIQUE of the season and Diamond Antiques opens at 8! Refreshments AND a sidewalk sale to boot edge edge!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend and get your summer weather off to a great start by visiting Diamond Antiques and Gifts for all of your warm weather entertaining needs!

We have you covered!

Diamond Antiques and Gifts

311 East Sixth Avenue


The Stillroom Gift and Tea Shop is located right inside the door!  Come and explore!

Wednesday through Saturday from 10-5

Sunday from 12-5

Closed Monday and Tuesday to dust and restock!

Hope to see yinz soon!

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The Stillroom





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