Lavender Dreams

Fragrant, tiny buds.

Potent enough to calm bears.

Nature’s sedative.

The Stillroom has lovely lavender.

Bundles, culinary and tea is always in stock.

One can never have enough calm.

Just in time for Misdummer!

Once it’s gone, it’s gone with the season. 🥴

I heard a who and figured it’s night noise coming from the woods and I paid no particular attention. Summer sounds. After a bit, I looked up and saw this owl. It sat there for quite some time. When it took flight, it swooped over head low enough to see just how beautiful those spread out wings are!


Summer still here and summer not.

I sometimes forget she is gone and is now recalled only through my memories.

In addition to our errands we went on together, we chatted almost every day.

Our conversations were almost always the same. “What are you doing?” “Are you cooking today?” “It’s hot/cold out today.” “Do you need anything from the store?” ” Do you want to go to Macys and walk around?”

Stuff like that.

It’s quite the passage to go through.

World keeps spinnin’.

There will be a noticeable change coming. In the next four weeks the transition will start. Watch the sky and the sun and you will see and feel it happening all around you. Take a minute, take notice!

The Stillroom inside of Diamond Antiques & Gifts will be preparing for “the change.”

Harney & Sons teas are available all year long. No need to order more than you want and pay Amazon prices. Your local, neighborhood tea shop is a lovely dot of a spot that fulfills your need for summer teas. You can search online to look for the best of the best tea but why bother when we are right here! In Tarentum!

It me supporting my northeast tea, family-owned tea supplier and passing the loveliness on to you.❤️

It me hanging loose like tea as mom and pop shops begin to make a strong comeback this year.

The Stillroom at

Diamond Antiques & Gifts

311 E. Sixth Avenue

Tarentum, Pa




Open early once a month for

Flea-tique at Bull Creek

Third Sunday of the Month


Open late once a month for

Tarentum Night Market

Third Thursday of the month


Sip your tea 🥵 or 🥶🤟

Floral Fireworks

Now is the time to cut the flower heads of off the dill in the kitchen herb garden. The flower makes me think of fireworks. The little vase is from a pottery vendor at the Hatch Chili Pepper Festival a few years ago. Perfect for syrup or flowers! You want the flower heads off so the fronds will continue to produce for culinary use👨‍🍳🤟

Mixing up the medicine.

“Herbs do comfort the weary brain with fragrant smells which yields a certain kind of nourishment ” William Coles~1656

That was the quote I had on the wall of my shop when it was in full bloom. That’s how I recall it.

It does smell like heaven in the workshop today.

Oh, about the Flowering tea pods, they are from Harney & Sons!

I have to brag, the pods are a great price and great on ice!


It’s pricey and I took a risk on this product! From the maker of the popular tea drops, if you like matcha, you will love this all inclusive kit!

Why does The Stillroom Tea shop have a strong arm and a hammer for a logo? Because I strongly believe there is a place in the world for a tiny tea shop.

Stillroom…still around😊

Here are rando outtakes if the shop. Not a lot of vintage anymore but always a tidy little selection of the most popular things in that spot!

Wedding Tea tag along for the June brides!

The usual sweets for the sweet.

Blooming tea pods are so perfect for a fine summer beverage! Perfect on ice.

Floral flavors abound at The Stillroom Tea Shop!