The Stillroom has culinary lavender!


Perry Como SCTV

Check out this video on YouTube:


This is the skit I referenced in the Mazzy post. This is some funny stuff!

Flowers in December

Check out this video on YouTube:

When I run out of things to write, I post music. This is Mazzy Star from wayyyy back. To me, she was the Perry Como of laid back. (That is a very vague reference to a very old SCTV skit about Perry) Oh, my brain! Lol Anyhow, enjoy it.


When we were lit that one Christmas in Saxonburg.


We have a few packages of Wassail spice left!


A good snow song.


Maybe all I need is A Shot in the Arm.

I love this design for the next batch of catnip pillows! These will go fast and this design is in limited supply!

Closing in on Christmas 2020! Christmas is taking on a simplicity that I am coming to appreciate. I put the tree up this afternoon. So far, the newish kitty seems to have no interest. I’m holding off on ornaments. I love to melt into the soft glow of just the tiny colored lights. Plus, said newish kitty might decide to take a go at it in the middle of the night.

I need to mention that Diamond Antiques is in the midst of the annual December sale! You have the rest of the month to visit and find simple treasures.

The Angel head in my picture is from Diamond Antiques. She is a cool piece of art and adds a sense of comfort to the space. I bought her last year and I like her so much I keep her hanging about all year. Let me just say she was well under ten dollars! Diamond Antiques is full of smalls that have great visual impact! The hunt is the fun part of shopping here!

Need to put together an awesome gift basket? I think the store has you covered.

From dining tables and chairs for the roast beast to dainty teacups for your afternoon tea break, it’s pretty much all under one roof.

Speaking of tea, The Stillroom has lined up a new tea product for a new year. Ever hear of tea drops? They have been ordered and I’m pretty stoked about discovering this new way to have your tea.

The Tea Drop Co. is a small wholesale, woman- owned business and I’m so excited to bring this unique tea into the fold.

It will be on the shelves by the first blast of winter!

Stay safe and drink your tea.